Sacred Encounter with Mother Leia

Every Person is Sacred. Each life's journey is sacred. Every Encounter is sacred.

Mission & Vision


To journey with those who wish to have a relationship with God; help them encounter the Sacred in their daily ordinary life and live the fullness of life each moment.


To be the change that we wish to see in our world.  For Catholics and Christians alike to be aware of their contemplative heritage and make contemplation, meditation and other contemplative practices part of their daily prayer life; where, together, we embrace our innate Sacredness, and acknowledge the Divine presence, who is all in all.   In so doing, we nurture our Sacred Self and treat others as Christ; thereby, dealing with others in a way that is open and nonjudgmental.  We are, therefore, able to  dialogue with an open mind and open heart; create an atmosphere of unconditional love, understand our differences, appreciate our diversities, accept our uniqueness, and be instruments of reconciliation, unity and peace. 


Note: To know the difference between contemplation and meditation, go to: